New Energy Tree!

There is a new Energy Tree that you can get for your house.  It grows and it can give you Free Energy when Clicked on.  You can get it for $50 Cazmo cash under the “Yard” section.  Here is a picture:

Yesterday, I saw someone with a BRB sign over their head some people said this came out long time ago some said it didn’t.  This feature might have already came out, or maybe soon to come out.  Here is a picture:

Thanks for reading!


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Snow on Cazmo and Other updates!

Planet cazmo updated with Snow on Cazmo And some other updates here they are:

^ The reindeer pets are back

^ To get to this shop go to Lake Cazmo and talk to Gus Gator and say show me your winter stuff and you will get to this shop.


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Energy, Levels, and More!

Planet Cazmo updated on Friday November 19, 2010 with Energy, Levels, and way more.

Here was the admin message:


There was also a Fall staff party going on here is a pictures:

Now here is a new feature called Levels, Energy, XP, and SP.  To earn earn XP to level up you need to do activities such as Go on the slide, go on the swings, etc… But you need to watch out for your energy as it will lower once you do the activity its basically like Real life:

Thats all! Be sure to visit and

-Ambassador Bluesweden-

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September, 3 Friday Updates

Planet Cazmo updating with a few updates, here they are:

The Ready set concert:

Ticket you receive when you watch the concert:

New Hot deals:

And New Waterslides available to buy for your house.  To get the waterslides go to your house and Decorate it then go under the tab “Yard” and choose what color you would like:

For Non-members it is $85 Cazmo Cash, for members I am not sure how much it is.

The new ambassador gift is the Baggy Red

-Ambassador Bluesweden-

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Teen Choice Virtual Concert!

Hey cazmos, Today the teen choice virtual concert rocked planet cazmo Here are some pictures:

And a Special Appearence from SOULJA BOY!:

-Ambassador Bluesweden

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Hey cazmos, today Planet cazmo brought an update to Cazmo.  The update is that when you enter PC this comes up:

This also pops up when you go to map then click on the beach.  In other news the Teen Choice 2010 concert is today at 7PM EST time Today and ends on Monday 8PM EST.

Ambassador Bluesweden

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New Updates

Hey everyone, Today planet cazmo brought some very amazing updates.  Here they are:

New Chat bubbles:


To wear your new awesome chat bubbles go to your inventory and go to the accesories tab:

There is a new Newspaper:

New TCA surfboards/Hot deals:

New house editor and bigger lawns and pools:

Some things are changed with the picture up there ^ the changes are: Bigger Coinz sign and CC sign, expand property button, new looking tabs, and it says what you are buying.

The picture above ^ shows that when ou hover over a thing it says how much it costs and what it is, this is part of the new updates.

When you exit from your edit house mode a different kind of style message appears:

and awesomeness sometimes comes with glitches heres a glitch with the chat bubbles:

when you talk and wait awhile it starts floating up and then dissappears.

Hope you enjoy the updates!

-Ambassador Bluesweden-

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